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Take control of a character that ends the time of enemies for its benefit.
Killing an enemies time appropriately is the focus, and that leads you to a final battle against grandfather time to test your skills.

This is a small game, made in a week for bolt jam #4, using Unity with the Bolt Visual Scripting asset.
I focused on getting the gameplay and idea into the project, so regrettably it's lacking in areas like sound (doesn't exist). There's danger when fighting the boss, but no health is there to lose.
But hopefully you enjoy the concept and gameplay that resulted from the theme 'Killing Time'.

I tried to keep the in-game tutorial brief.
However in-case it was to brief and you'd like more details:
WASD: Movement.
SPACEBAR: Press this to activate your characters 'long hand'. You use this to kill enemies at their time, however your longhand rotating around the screen must match theirs.
Because you're often facing the enemy, I chose to mirror your screens hand so it's easier to match up with the enemies.
This also swaps the direction your hand is rotating in. You can use this to try and align yourself for an enemies upcoming rotation. However take note that missing an enemy will lose your current charge (described below).
SHIFT: Hold this down to activate your 'short hand' and charge an enemy 'shot', launching your closest enemy.
This has 3 levels of charge when you can release, each with a different strength shot.
You can gain a maximum of 2 charges. Sometimes you can use this to launch an enemy, then if it's still the closest adjust it's trajectory midair.
Use A/D to rotate your target direction, and W/S to rotate your target height.


A purpose of this game jam was to build a game purely with Bolt as the visual scripting mechanism, no actual code. This inspired me to take another shot with another visual scripting tool, as it's really nice to be able to make games in a 3D space, especially small projects like this that just wouldn't work in 2D.
To summarize the end result:
I still hate Unity (similar to my past experience, countless hours lost for the most unnecessary engine issues and incomprehensible default settings, along with random solutions that made no sense. To summarize briefly.).
I LOVE Bolt! And to think a version 2 is being worked on, I'm already in love with version 1.

As part of this gamejam is to show you've worked on your project with Bolt.
Here is a gallery of various moments in the game - https://imgur.com/a/vRfGjFl
And below is a walkthrough of the project where I try to discuss about the project and the usage of Bolt in it.


Post Jam Release Update - New game build + video available

This Post Jam Release isn't what I'd call the 'full release', as small as that would still be. However alongside my main focus of updating the character model/animations to fully realize the original concept art, I made various tweaks to the core controls and pace.
More discussion about this and why this is kind of an in-between release can be found in this update post - https://swiftillusion.itch.io/your-time-ends-now/devlog/69142/post-jam-release-u...

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AuthorSwift Illusion
GenreAction, Puzzle, Rhythm, Shooter


YourTimeEndsNow.zip 26 MB
postjamYourTimeEndsNow.zip 27 MB

Development log


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Here's a gallery of gif's of the game using Bolt in action :)
(In imgur because of their filesizes-I have descriptions below each image)

And here is a video of me walking through the project in Unity to show how I use bolt and discuss the game a bit as I play it.


Awesome! I really enjoyed the unique mechanic for launching the enemies! Father Time was somewhat challenging but not too difficult, and I like his different stages.

Really thanks a lot for checking the game out, watched the vod of you streaming it from the start and enjoyed it.
One main thing you missed though is when shooting you could charge the shot, those 3 red lights grow over time to let you know what strength you're shooting at after release.
Thanks for sharing your time too :)
I have an advantage being the designer lol, but if you're ever inclined to try the game again here's my current best score (managed perfect timing on enemies and door hits but struggled a bit with the boss)