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Here's a gallery of gif's of the game using Bolt in action :)
(In imgur because of their filesizes-I have descriptions below each image)

And here is a video of me walking through the project in Unity to show how I use bolt and discuss the game a bit as I play it.


Awesome! I really enjoyed the unique mechanic for launching the enemies! Father Time was somewhat challenging but not too difficult, and I like his different stages.

Really thanks a lot for checking the game out, watched the vod of you streaming it from the start and enjoyed it.
One main thing you missed though is when shooting you could charge the shot, those 3 red lights grow over time to let you know what strength you're shooting at after release.
Thanks for sharing your time too :)
I have an advantage being the designer lol, but if you're ever inclined to try the game again here's my current best score (managed perfect timing on enemies and door hits but struggled a bit with the boss)