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'Play as a being brought into a universe of corrupt solar systems with hopes to become a new pure solar system, harboring the new born planet itself'


The goal is to use your forward movement (shift), left punch (left click) and backward swing (right click) to survive and navigate your momentum through space to defeat the solar systems around you and take their life energy for your planet.
Depending on your result (if successful) you'll be told how long your new pure solar system will last.


While a small experience, the motion achieved flows elegantly enough that I feel it becomes a real joy to navigate the solar systems and try to gain the lifeforce of those you defeat. So I hope that you're also able to enjoy what is here.


Character concept: Woestijn - http://woestijn.deviantart.com/
Kevin Green - http://kevingreenmusic.com/
Game Design/Development:
Swift Illusion - http://www.midnight-tinkering.com/ | https://twitter.com/Swift_Illusion


Update 1--
Options to increase/decrease turn sensitivity and area based on feedback.
Large changes to overall balance/speed based on the above addition.
Holding right mouse now doubles your turn speed instead of just turning you upwards.


This is a small submission for '1 game a month' jam, which is a revision of the Ludum Dare 38 submission that was left feature incomplete because of time lost to significant bugs/etc.
Even though I only barely had the core experience available I enjoyed it enough that I wanted to finish up what I'd left out so hopefully some people can have fun with this full experience.
Also-I would have liked to build this for webgl but encountered errors regardless of the unity settings so it may be a version issue or a result of the visual programming tool I use, so I'm sorry for those who may not be able to try it as a result.


MyPreciousOrbit(Windows64).zip 31 MB

Install instructions

If you set the graphics quality to Fantastic in the initial settings upon opening it,
the framerate won't be capped. All other qualities target 60fps.

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